Developing the Capacity of Using Modern Technology in Workshops, Labs of Schools & Organisations

The technology is developing rapidly in modern world.The institutions keeping up with this development can survive but  the others have to leave the  race .It has always been questioned whether the organizations and schools,whose main job is to train staff for business world, can keep up with the developing technology or not;  whether they can train qualified staff or not.

It is evident that there are some differences among staff working in industrial field in terms of their qualification depending on the increasing mobility and communication.These differences may cause some decrease in quality of business life.In the frame of this Project we will investigate what kind of  tools/devices has each partner bought for  their workshops and labs and in what ways has each partner used these machines .

We will learn whether they have used these technologies directly or they have made some contribution or modification.We will compare our institutions in terms of their success in using modern technology.

We will indicate the similarities and differences between the technological devices in our workshops and labs and the technological devices in business life by following up students graduated from our own institutions at work.

In this Project we will also indicate the differences of conception,using and following  modern technology in each partner institutions then contribute the training of qualified staff by minimising these diferences.