In the Dewolab project, for communication and disemmination purposes, we have developed a brochure of the project, together with four newsletters taking care of the advance of the work during the project. All of them were distributed by the partners via email and other elevtronic ways, together with their own websites.

All this material are avalible for download in this page.





Dewolab Brochure-1 Brochure English   

Brochure English PDF



 Brochure German  Brochure German    

Brochure German PDF



 Brochure Hungarian  Brochure Hungarian    

Brochure Hungarian PDF



 Brochure Polish  Brochure Polish    

Brochure Polish PDF



 Brochure Turkish  Brochure Turkish    

Brochure Turkish PDF



 Brochure Spanish  Brochure Spanish    

Brochure Spanish PDF



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Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011

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Autumn 2012

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