Outcome 9. Dissemination Final Report


Concerning dissemination, apart from on-going dissemination carried out in social networks (Facebook and Twitter), we also have information about the project in the partners websites and have produced a brochure, translated to several languages, together with four newsletters, also available in all the languages. All of them ara available in this web

Then concerning the final report of the project, it gives first  a general overview of ECVET and ECTS, together with the work carried out in the Dewolab project. We, as project partners from Turkey, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain and the UK, need such a project in order to compare our perception of technology, benefit from our experiences and see our implementations in situ.
We also need this project to produce proposals of solutions and to search for what innovations we can make in our labs and workshops or curriculum by comparing the advantages that the EU provide for the institutions in terms of being able to use technology,and adequate and inadequate aspects of the students we graduate in terms of using technological devices in business world.

ECVET is a technical framework for the transfer, recognition and, where appropriate, accumulation of individuals' learning outcomes with a view to achieving a qualification. ECVET tools and methodology comprise the description of qualifications in terms of units of learning outcomes with associated points, a transfer and
accumulation process and complementary documents such as learning agreements, transcripts of records and ECVET users' guides.

Here you can dowload the complete "Final Report"