Outcome 6. Dewolab Guide

The technology is present in all areas of our daily life, covering more and more sectors, but in the field of education are still many schools that lack the resources to integrate technology and education and many others, that even disposing of technological means do not get optimal performance from them.

The integration of technology in the classroom it is increasingly necessary as it allows active participation by the student, the communication between teacher-student instant feedback and the performance of collaborative works and real-time connection to the rest of the world.

The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is a skill relevant to professional and personal development of every citizen of the century. These reasons, among others, underlie the recent efforts made by most countries in the world in the field of measuring ICT use and skills.In this report we review the situation in Europe, USA, Australia, Latin America, Asia and Africa, together with some best practices and examples.

In general, he incorporation of ICT in teaching is creating a new way of teaching and learning. Therefore they are responding to a society that calls for an educational change. These resources will help to address the diversity of students and ways of learning, increasing motivation and interest of students, the effectiveness of the teaching- learning process, the development of critical thinking and the development of problem-solving activities etc.

In short, these resources will enable the development of individuals, both students and teachers.

Here you can download the complete "Dewolab Guide"