4th Meeting in Budapest


The fourth meeting in framework of the DEWOLAB project took place on 27-28th September in Budapest (Hungary). The hosting organization was Dialogus Platform (Hungary).


Moreover, there was organized International Symposium attended by ca. 50 persons.

The symposium was a great opportunity to promote the Dewolab project and to show students what else partners are involved in (besides Dewolab).

Each project partner constructed a  presentation to demonstrate to students, teachers and volunteers:

  • what the project was about;
  • what other educational EU projects and company activities project partners were involved in;
  • the basis of the Lifelong Learning Programme and what its aims and objectives were;
  • why their input and involvement is so important for us to understand the issues that affect Schools, students and teachers;


Then the students from Poland and Turkey also gave a presentation (in English) on their activities to date and their local needs in education.

Then, when the symposium was finish, it was analised the feedback of National Agencies to the cartners concerning the Interim Report, and actions to be taken about this. Special effort should be done in the web site in order to have all the information there. Partners also discussed about the other project activities.

Also, OAKE explained the necessity for all marketing material to comply with the rules relating to promoting both the sub-programme but also the project and the partners, and specially to be sure that we all have the new EU logo for the programme.