2nd Meeting in Giresun


The conference was officially opened by the General Secretary and contact person of the Giresun Egitimciler Dernegi(GED), Mr Metin Sağlam who introduced his colleagues and outlined the work plan for the next two days. This would include the opportunity to meet with the Governor of Giresun Dursun Ali Şahin.

The meeting was an open forum for all partners to input and agree work to date for the SWOT Analysis and Student Enquiry System making adjustments as necessary.

As the SWOT & SES are intended as Internet based products Jaitek presented the draft version of both the online questionaires.

The ammendments agreed will be made and discussions with E-Systems meant the website and all its content would be ready to go live at the end of March. All partners were asked to take an active part in translating the content and feed back to the IT partners.

The main outcomes of the meeting were:


1-Project meetings:Poland in May 2012,Hungary in Oct 2012,Spain in March 2013 and Germany in May 2013.

2-SWOT Analysis should continue till October 2012 in order to let great number of interviewees join the SWOT and to collect precise and accurate results.SWOT analysis should be translated into each participating organization language and can be filled in via the net or on the paper because internet isn't accessible to everyone.

3-Know How,depending upon the results of SWOT, should be completed in Nov 2012.

4-Official Project website,www.dewolab.eu, should run after March.

5-GED will be the responsible for the dissemination and uses of results.They couldn't join the kick off meeting in the UK because they have joined the Project later than the others.They will also help Kenny write the final report of the Project.

As guest of the City Governor we were invited to take tea and discuss the project aims and objectives. An extremely informative and enlightening opportunity to offer an insight of both the problems associated with VET in Turkey and the EU states represented by partners.

Our stay in Giresun included an excursion into Trabzon province to explore the cultural aspects of the area.