1st Meeting: “Kick Off” In Manchester!


The first project meeting kicked off in Manchester UK. with representatives from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain and UK attending the first meeting. Formal introductions and presentations from each partner were received where it was seen that all partners brought strength and expertise to the project and each showed the potential for dividing the project workload equally and fairly.

Partners debated over 2 days how the project would progress,what the aims and objectives are and the unilateral commitment to achieve those aims.

The agreement of distribution of tasks among partners is the following:

  • The partner in Poland will be responsible for the development of the project website.
  • The partner in Turkey will be responsible for the SWOT questionnaire (if not approved then Germany will be responsible).
  • The partner in Germany will be responsible for the SWOT questionnaire and SWOT analysis
  • The partner in Germany will assemble the general overview paper based on the results of the survey in each country.
  • The partners in England will be responsible to work out the 'Know How'
  • The partner in Turkey will be responsible for the evaluation of the project. (if not approved then UK will be responsible).
  • The partner in Spain will develop the 'Common Learning Platform'.
  • The Partner in UK will be responsible to assemble the intermediate and final report
  • Partner from UK will be responsible for dissemination of the results (together with Turkey if approved).
  • The Partner in Hungary will work out the 'Student Inquiry System'
  • 'Technology Follow Group' will be resposible for 'DEWOLAB Guide'. Spain will lead the Technology Group


Two sessions took place to explore the content of both the SWOT Analysis & the Student Enquiry System. This created a list of questions and rationale.

OAKE introduced the topics of ECVET and ECTS.There is a linkage that can be drawn with formal & informal vocational qualifications and a survey as part of the Students Enquiry System can inform on this aspect survey and the learning tools used by each partners target Labs & workshops can be identified and any commonality noted.