3rd Meeting in Rzeszów


The third meeting in framework of the DEWOLAB project took place on 17th-18th May in Rzeszow (Poland). The hosting organization was e-System (Poland).

During the meeting, partners discussed the project activities. It is important that all the partners deploy the SWOT and SIS questionnaires as other outcomes depend on that data. Jaitek made a demonstration on how to use both questionnaires in all the different languages.

The Training Organisations (SWOT questionnaire) is available in:

And the Student Enquiry System questionnaire is available at:

 Know How and General Overview reports will be prepared when the data from SWOT and SIS is available.

The technical Group has started to prepare the Dewolab Guide, and the Common Learning Platform is available at the moodle installed, and will be used as private repository for the project management.

The development of the website has a special space in the meeting. It was decided to include everything (news, Newletters, Posters, Brochures, etc.). It is important to have available on the web site all the effective work done.

At the end of the meeting, partners planned next meeting in Budapest which will take place at the end of September or October.

Polish partner provided also cultural experiences and after the meeting partners could attend the sightseeing of Rzeszow. They have walked through the city centre and joined the guided tour through the underground route.